Training and Chicken Claws

Hi everyone,

This past week was our last week before we start actually teaching. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were training days at the schools headquarters in a town called Hsinchu. We had to wake up around 5:30AM and take the MRT to Taipei Main Station, get on the High Speed Rail to Hsinchu, and finally take a 30 minute cab ride to the headquarters. Talk about a long transit!

Sarah and I are pretty nervous about teaching as we are both new to it, so training was definitely needed. We were able to learn techniques in time management, lesson planning, and classroom management. Thankfully, our school has a set curriculum so we will not have to plan our lessons from scratch…just add our flavor. Each week, the kids have a set amount of words/lessons/material they need to learn with a weekly quiz. We need to supplement that material with worksheets and games! Both Sarah and I will be teaching a 1st, 2nd, and 3d grade class. However, the classes are not set by their actual grade in Chinese school, but rather by their English ability. So for example, Sarah’s 3rd grade class will have students ranging from a highly skilled 1st grader to a new speaker in 6th grade. It will be interesting to see how we can make our classes engaging for every student. Prayers for the ease of nerves are welcome as we start tomorrow!

On top of training, we’ve had the time to explore more of Taipei. I was able to show Sarah my old stomping grounds at my old dorm in Gongguan, and eat at my all-time favorite restaurant…Toasteria!





We also went to one of the largest night markets in Taipei, Shilin. It was fun sampling all the crazy snacks here in Taiwan. You never know what you’ll take a bite of next!


We’ve also made an attempt to plan out some meals to make at home at Matsusei (a grocery store)….we’ll see how that goes. Chicken feet or shells anyone?

image-24 image-32

Hmm…having a hard time choosing…


Finally, we made a trip to Fulong Beach yesterday. Sarah and I have made a list of everything we want to see this year in Taiwan and why not start with a trip to the beach? It was nice to get outside of the city and see the countryside and ocean. It’s amazing how different the scenery is once you’re an hour outside of the city. We soaked up some much needed Vitamin D and sweated our Rastafarian Nene’s off. Other than the heat…which is RIDICULOUS… I’d say it was a perfect start to our domestic travels in Taiwan!

image-26 image-25

Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend!

Kyle and Sarah

P.S. This is our address if you would like to send a letter or something! We’d love to hear from our friends and families back at home 🙂

4F-1, No. 19, Alley 25, Lane 92, Yang Kung Street, Neihu District, Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C)



  1. Deb Door

    We will be praying for you as you start teaching this week! Sounds like you’re keeping really busy which is fun. What is Sarah eating? It reminded be of fried pickle on a stick, but I’ve been to similar markets in China and I know that it could be anything 🙂
    Well have a good week and my verse for you this week is Isaiah 41:13 -For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.
    Uncle Mike and Aunt Deb


  2. Mom Brower

    Sarah! You look pretty skinny…hope you’re finding chocolate somewhere…or I won’t be coming to visit. Those chicken parts just aren’t looking right! I know you guys will be awesome teachers. PRAYING… XO


    • Mom Door

      I’m not sure about all that crazy food but I did spy Doritoes and Pringles lol. Lifting you up in prayer that teaching goes well and that you have some sweet kids in your class room. Do they call you Mr. and Mrs. Door? Love you guys


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