Be Still and Know

Hi everyone!

So another week back at it. We had a good week teaching this week and will have a more in depth post for you about teaching soon! This weekend we decided to stick around Taipei and do some more exploring around here. Friday night we were able to get to know our co-workers  a little bit as we all met up at one of the only, if not the only, microbrew in Taipei. The beer definitely doesn’t compare to Founders, but it was fun getting to know the other teachers. . On Saturday we took the MRT (subway) to Dahu Park. Dahu Park is a quiet park a few MRT stops away from our apartment. Even though it’s still blistering hot out, we thought it’d be nice to walk around the park and soak up the stillness of Taipei. It’s hard to find grass let alone stillness here, so when we find it, we embrace it! We hiked up a small mountain while stepping in puddles of our own sweat 🙂 We are definitely getting our exercise in.


IMG_2564 IMG_2569 IMG_2567IMG_2572 IMG_2588 IMG_2590 IMG_2594


Rubber duckies anyone?

After exploring Dahu Park, we decided to dive right into the hustle and bustle of Taipei and check out the glamorous district of Xinyi. This area is home to the top brands, malls, bookstores, and the famous Taipei 101! It’s a great place to check out the street performers and do a little shopping. Sarah even found her second home….GAP!


Today (Sunday), we decided to check out a church we found online. This was the only English speaking church we had found so far. Even though it took us over an hour to get there, it was nice to be in contact with fellow believers and be a part of the community. The church was similar to what you would find at home, but coming from a musician….lacked a drum set! However, hearing All Creatures of Our God and King still gave us some goosebumps.


Tonight we had the privilege of grabbing dinner with two of Sarah’s co-workers from Spectrum Health! These two ladies were visiting a daughter who is working for YWAM near Taipei. They were huge supporters of us going to Taiwan. Now what are the chances? Here we are together in Taipei, exchanging stories, and eating a delicious American meal 🙂 It was great seeing them!

photo 2

Enjoying a good thunderstorm, hope you all have a great week!

photo 1

Kyle and Sarah



  1. Mom Brower

    First of all, I’m delighted to see you found a church. To have communion with believers from the other side of our world makes me again, know that “our God Reins.” Second, I am sure it was a joy to eat with some familiar faces of Spectrum… and third swimming with all those little rubber duckies actually looks like alot of fun!! Finally, I am delighted to hear that Sarah found a GAP store. Nothing like a little retail therapy to cure the homesick blues!! Glad you found a peaceful place to enjoy! Love to you both. (Saving up all these hugs…when i see you next, i’m going to Squeeze you both to


  2. Kathy

    Hi Kyle and Sarah
    What a great adventure you are having. Your pictures are fun to look at. We can see you are really enjoying your time there. Greg and I went to Tenn last Thurs-Mon to see Nate and Jason. After a great few days, we said goodbye to them 😦 Never gets easier. Can’t imagine how your moms do it. Thanks for taking the time to write the blog and send the pictures. Blessings on a new week ahead. Looking forward to the next one. Love to you both. Uncle Greg and Aunt Kathy


  3. Mom Door

    I just saw a picture of that bridge, (Moon Bridge) when I was looking up things to see in Taipei on Pinerest. You better watch out I’m going to have a huge list of things to see by the time we get there. 🙂 Glad you got to sing a familiar song and worship with other christians from the other side of the world, that makes this moms heart happy. Love and miss ya


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