Surfin’ in the….Taiwan!


We’ve had a few people ask about a school blog post. It’s coming next week! We’re still working on gathering the pictures for it.

This past week…what did we do?

First, we found a nice English pub! 30 cent wings on Thursdays apparently. It’s a little far from our place, but it was worth the trip for some wings 🙂

We also heard about a craft beer festival at Taipei Hakka Cultural Park. We definitely had to represent Beer City, USA and sample some of the local craft brews in Taipei. I have to admit we are pretty spoiled to call Founder’s our hometown microbrewery. The local beer in Taipei is decent. There were a couple tasty pale ale’s, but nothing like the Centennial IPA or the Dirty. On the other hand, it was a great place to meet some new people and play spike ball! Who would have guessed. Spike ball is a sport we play religiously with the Brower family in the summer….so we had to get in on the game. Not to toot our own horn, but we creamed them. Don’t mess with us when it comes to spike ball!

IMG_0810 IMG_0816 IMG_0818 IMG_0828

On Saturday we checked out the Taipei Zoo! It is the largest zoo in Asia and is home to one of the few panda exhibitions in the world. It was a hot, but fun day at the zoo!

IMG_0858 IMG_0859

Lastly, we packed up our swim suits and took the train to the famous black sand beach, Wai Ao. Wai Ao beach is known not only for it’s black sand, but it’s also a great place to surf. After the two hour train ride from Taipei, we were on the beach with our board and hitting the waves! Surfing is super hard. I think we both rode two waves all afternoon 🙂 The feeling of riding a wave is incredible though! It’s always nice to get out of Taipei and experience the amazing scenery Taiwan has to offer. Although Taiwan isn’t known for the beaches, the train ride had some spectacular views. We can’t wait to explore more of them in the next few months!

IMG_0871 image1 IMG_0880 IMG_0870

IMG_0869 image2

Stay tuned!

Kyle and Sarah


One comment

  1. Mom Brower

    AW…You two! I can tell you how much I LOVE to see the pictures and to hear the news! I agree that it looks as if the beaches just don’t compare with the ones we’ve visited in the USA, but you both have a way of being positive and seeing the Blessings in being a part of what ASIA has to offer. We are missing your participation in the Brower spike ball, but are glad to hear you have found a way to keep playing. Love to you both,( I am missing you so much ) Now, my last comment….EAT Sarah, EAT! XO


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