Worship and Quesadillas

Hi everyone!

Nothing too exciting to write about this week…just a normal week living life in Taipei.

Our weekdays are pretty normal here, just like any day would be back home. We teach, exercise, eat, watch movies, practice Chinese, read, and hang out! We try to make the weekends as exciting as possible. I caught a nasty cold this past week, so we decided to stay in Taipei…so nothing too exciting this weekend.

Thursdays. We’re usually pretty tired from teaching, so we’ve dubbed it the “our night to explore new restaurants in Taipei,” night. We finally decided to try Korean BBQ. We’ve been meaning to try it since we arrived, just hadn’t done it. It was AMAZING! All you can eat for two hours. Lamb, chicken, beef, Korean beef, smoked bacon, kimchee, calamari, shrimp, you name it, you can eat it. You have a grill in front of you and the servers bring plate after plate of whatever you want to stuff yourself with. So good.

IMG_1138 IMG_1144 IMG_1143

Anyways, a couple posts ago we mentioned the church we started attending called Bread of Life Taipei. The pastor told everyone about a worship concert that was being held at a local college. Turns out the worship was lead by a pretty famous worship band out of Redding, California…Bethel Worship. Have you heard of them? The lead singer wrote the song “One Thing Remains,” probably one of the most famous praise songs. We decided to check it out and it was a great decision! The worship was awesome. Huge stage, a ton of people, and amazing music. Sarah and I sat towards the front along the aisle, and during the sermon, the lead singer came up to Sarah and me and shook our hands. He must’ve spotted our heads towering above the sea of Asians as he said we were the only people that looked like we were from America, haha! I think the band was a little jet lagged and culturally shocked. I guess he wanted to say hi to some “familiar” faces 🙂

IMG_1157 IMG_1156 IMG_1154

Sunday…should’ve taken the train to some ancient town or temple. but we decided to go to….COSTCO! Yay! It’s the closest thing we will get to the Meijer experience. Our friend Yvonne was so nice to take us there as we don’t have a membership. It’s about the exact same experience as it is at home…a ton of people, a ton of food we couldn’t find anywhere else in Taipei, and the Costco deli…awesome! We splurged and picked up some familiar food. Pretzels, tortilla shells, oreos, and cheese, we are so excited!

IMG_1163 IMG_1161 IMG_1164 IMG_1165

Off to make some quesadillas. Bye bye!

Kyle and Sarah




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  1. jord

    Costco! Yes! Merica’. Great post doors, hope your feeling better Kyle, ps I caught the same thing had a stuffy nose for about 8 days. Back at it now.


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